In The Studio with Jon Knowles is an instructional art program unlike any ever produced. Jon Knowles, creator of various award winning productions, will take viewers into the worlds of traditional art and digital computer technology.

Developing strong drawing skills is the heart of Jonís teaching philosophy. His goal is to emphasize fundamental concepts in drawing and painting while utilizing the latest in graphic software. This combination of skills in essential for success in the graphics business.

Episodes are project based and include hours of on camera instruction and production, helping the viewer to better understand the sometimes difficult task of digital illustration, animation and special effects.





There are thirteen, hour long episodes in the series.

For more information on each episode, please click on the links below:

In The Studio with Jon Knowles: Complete Set of 13 Episodes

Episode 1: Drawing the Human Face

Episode 2: Cartooning

Episode 3: Caricatures

Episode 4: Character Design

Episode 5: Dynamic Anatomy

Episode 6: Photorealism

Episode 7: Graphic Design & Illustration

Episode 8: Storyboards & Sequential Art

Episode 9: Special FX

Episode 10: 3D Animation & Computer Graphics

Episode 11: Painting

Episode 12: Web Design

Episode 13: Hardware & Software








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