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Doodle! is an unique approach to the traditional art class. As the world's first 3-D animated art teacher, Doodle shares the skills and techniques necessary for a grounding in the arts, and his funny style appeals to the audience being introduced to art for the first time. Doodle teaches fundamental art concepts, vocabulary, techniques and art history in a way that is fresh and unassuming. During wacky adventures in Doodle's studio, students forget any fears and apprehensions they may have about their drawing abilities, because Doodle and his friends have the power to make viewers realize their own potential. Doodle believes that every one of his students, no matter the age, has the ability to draw better.

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There are ten art lessons in the series and each one is approximately fifteen minutes in length. A Teacher's Guide is available that covers each lesson to further strengthen the creative and learning process. Based on the National Standards for Arts Education, this series is best suited for elementary school students from 2nd grade through 6th grade.

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Doodle! Curriculum: 10 Episodes
including art lesson plans

Episode 1: Drawing Faces

Episode 2: Cartooning & Caricatures

Episode 3: Color

Episode 4: Painting

Episode 5: Drawing the Human Figure

Episode 6: Comic Book Art

Episode 7: Light & Shadow

Episode 8: Perspective

Episode 9: Drawing Animals

Episode 10: Careers in Art

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Doodle! Bonus Pack UPGRADE

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