Learn the skills needed to draw by learning how the artist thinks, sees, and applies simple techniques to his drawings. Based in a classroom setting, the artist takes you through Boot Camp to “train” the brain how to “see” and think like an artist. Then learn Jon’s exclusive 10-step process to Draw Faces Now (DFN). Using the same picture Jon uses during the class instruction, students will improve their drawing skills instantly and dramatically. Following the 10-Step lesson, Jon completes a new portrait from start to finish to reinforce the basic 10-Step process.

Draw Faces Now! includes the following:
- 75 minute instructional video tape
- 35 page user guide
- Quick Start Art Chart
- Four Boot Camp exercises
- 10-Step overview chart
- Five black and white prints to sketch from
- Completed portrait with the artist’s comments
- Practice sketch pages
- Two sketching pencils
- Professional artist's eraser

Price: $19.95



Student's Drawing
Before DFN!
Student's Drawing
After One DFN! Lesson


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